StairwayPicking the right builder can seem like a daunting task because unless you know someone who has hired them before or you can find honest reviews of their work how do you really know? The best case scenario is you have a friend who has used a builder and can give you first hand knowledge of their work.

Well, sometimes you need to just interview them and see how the “GUT” feeling goes, ask to see pictures of their work, ask for referrals and give them a call. This can be the best way to find out how knowledgable they are and how well do they handle issues that will come up during the process. You might have a knowledgeable builder when it comes to the scheduling, quality control and process but horrible people skills with a no hurry attitude when it comes to warranty repairs.

I love a challenge, Building a simple designed house to the most elaborate custom home you can think of, we excel at both. My history of building complex houses with tight timelines comes from my history of building on the hit TV show “Extreme Makeover home edition” on ABC. The knowledge I obtained from working with the best of the best in custom home building couldn’t have been learned in a typical builders career.

Our slogan is “If you can dream it, we can build it” That is what we feel here at Build America Construction, I want to be your builder for your new custom home.

We can be reached by this website or by calling 757-483-4848

Happy Building,

Duane Cotton

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