Eco-Cottages – Introducing the Eco-Logical Modular Home!

Eco-Cottages can be the practical solution to providing recreational dwelling needs for your lifestyle.  Eco-Cottages can be built quickly for all environments. These structures are flexible and affordable with high-performance green standards. It is the ultimate high-performance modular structure.

Need a small vacation home? Maybe it’s a beach house or a small dwelling next to your swimming pool.  Do you want to add guest quarters to your existing property and allow loved ones to live nearby?  It could be a bungalow built near your favorite golf course. A small second home is a great way to live a lifestyle in which you pursue your passions.

These high-performance modular structures utilize the latest technology and can provide self-sustaining living for your specific plans. Explore our designs and learn about the endless uses of our new eco-logical modular homes.

Visit the Eco-Cottages website for additional information, floor plans and design ideas. Then contact Trademark Construction as an authorized dealer and builder for Eco-Cottages – the innovators in affordable and ecological dwellings.

Eco-Cottages: Eco-nomical, Eco-friendly, Eco-logical.